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How Much Does Urgent Care Cost Without Insurance ?

An urgent care clinic is a place that a patient can go to for minor injuries, fractures, strains, cuts, rashes, burns, urinary tract infections or sore throats. They are different from the emergency room in that you have to be in a serious condition in order to be seen immediately. Urgent care costs depend on where you live but they usually range between $75 and $150 per visit but keep in mind that those charges are very basic when you have no insurance. Other charges may apply when you visit an urgent care clinic. Though the charges are usually not as much as they would be if you went to an emergency room, you should still be prepared for additional charges besides the one for your visit.


Medication is not included in the charges that you will pay when you visit an urgent care center so if you need some and you have no insurance, it may be a little more expensive than you expected. The cost of the medication itself depends on the type of medication that you need and the amount of medication necessary to complete your treatment. It would be a good idea to ask the doctor about the medication that you will need. Sometimes you can reduce the cost for your visit to the urgent care facility by using generics as opposed to the name brand drug. Without insurance, the bill for the medication can get a bit high.


Another thing that can add to the cost of your visit to an urgent care center or facility are the tests which are given to you. The tests that you may require when you visit one of these facilities can include tests for sudden allergy attacks, x-rays, lab tests and others. Usually urgent care facilities will have charges which are lower than those at the emergency room, but they can still be significant depending on the type of blood tests needed. Some additional tests may be necessary to correctly diagnose the condition. If the facility does not have the necessary tests, then they can draw your blood and send it to a different lab.

Other Charges

Urgent care facilities can also charge depending on the time that you visit. While emergency rooms need to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, usually urgent care facilities will offer only extended hours. If your visit falls within the extended hours or you go to a 24 hour urgent care center, your charges may be a little higher. Even if you have no insurance, you should definitely visit the center if you feel that it is necessary. Putting it off could make your condition worse which at the end could end up costing more money. If the condition is life threatening, then you should head directly to an emergency room. If the situation is urgent but not life threatening, then one of these facilities will do the job just fine.