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Do Urgent Care Centers Take People Without Insurance?

It's a sad fact of our society, but millions of Americans do not have health insurance, and when they suddenly become injured or sick, they find themselves adrift in a sea of medical information threatening to drag them underwater. The health care in the United States can be a challenge to Self-Pay patients and the paperwork can be a nightmare following an hospital visit. But take heart, because for those requiring emergency assistance, there are options available for all situations. One of these is urgent care.

Especially if you are without health insurance, find the nearest urgent care facility in your area before there is a medical emergency.  Urgent care centers will take all walk-ins, from the severely injured to those merely needing a checkup -- and yes, that includes those people without any health insurance too.  Ideally every individual should have an insurance, but most Urgent Care centers realize that this isn't a practical expectation.

Visiting an urgent care center can be very beneficial.  Some Urgent Care Centers charge less than half the cost of an emergency room or hospital visit.  Others offer self-pay discounts for those without insurance coverage.  Another way in which these centers help ease the self-pay cost in urgent care is through the use of printable coupons which can be applied to the cost of self-pay pricing for urgent care upon your next visit.

There's no appointment needed at these centers even if you're uninsured.  They realize that when you're sick or injured, you want to feel better as soon as possible, and have a Physician or Physician Assistant (Or Nurse Practitioner) readily available for all patients including self-pay patients. 

Since they don't handle the same amount of patients as, for example, some big city hospitals, they have more time to devote to the individual and being as accommodating as they can be. Although being injured or sick is never fun, they want you to feel that someone cares and that they aren't just concerned with your ability to pay for treatment.  Normally payment is expected when the treatment has been administered, but some of the centers will work with the patient if that is a problem.

In addition, most Urgent Care Centers have what is called posted pricing.  What this means is that if you're currently uninsured, their menu board pricing, which is usually posted on their website, clearly shows you what the Self-Pay cost for people without insurance is. That way there are no unpleasant surprises once treatment is completed.